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Investment 6-month review

With six months of the calendar year gone, three months of the financial year gone and Brexit scheduled for three months in the future now could be a very good time for investors to review [...]

Avoiding scammers

It is a simple fact of life that there are some people who will seek to benefit from taking advantage of other people rather than by delivering anything of real value to them.  This is [...]

7 sins of investment

The word “sin” is a very emotional term and in this case, that’s rather appropriate because the 7 sins of investment basically all relate to the concept of letting your emotions take over and being [...]

Understanding Risk Management

The concept of risk management extends beyond the well-known principle of risk versus reward.  In fact, it extends well beyond the area of financial management and into other parts of life such as security (both [...]

Gold vs Bitcoin

Gold isn’t just a precious metal, it can be a very attractive one.  This can make it a very interesting investment.  For example, you can buy gold jewellery for its value and also wear it [...]

The Bank Scandals

While 2008 is now, literally, more than a decade ago, the ramifications of the financial crisis continue to linger on, like the proverbial bad smell which just will not go away no matter how much [...]

The Importance of Cashflow

Cash flow is important to businesses of all sizes and particularly important to smaller businesses, which may lack the cash reserves of their larger counterparts. Here are 4 tips on how small businesses can get [...]

The hard facts about emotional investments

The core of an investor’s portfolio will generally be what might be called “sensible” assets, equities, property, commodities and such like.  Investors are, however, only human, and as such can be inclined to “mix business [...]

Investing in Liquid Gold

Gold is a popular asset class throughout the world, and while there are many reasons for its popularity, it probably helps that you can wear your investment if you so choose.  Liquid gold, otherwise known [...]

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